How to play..

1. Registration

If you want to play and (or) to chat with other players, first you have to connect to the chess server. When JAVA applet loads, you'll see a window, in witch you will have to enter your name („Nick“) and password (if you are registered member.):

dlglogin.gif (4857 bytes)

If your name and password are correct, you will connect to the server successfully and be able to play. If you haven't play in our system, you can login with rights of the guest - „Login as guest“. In this case you will have to enter only your nick, which will be used during the game (if this nick is free). You will be able to play and to chat with the other players, but you won't have rating. Also the games you played will not be stored in our database. If you want to become a member of „“, press the „Register“ button. 

A new window will open:

dlgregister.gif   (4741 bytes)

Enter your personal info (nickname*, password, full name and e-mail address) and press the „OK“ button. If the information you entered is valid, and there's no such nick among the members of „“ like one you have chosen, you will connect to the server and be able to play. Also you will get a 1300 starting rating. It's value will depend on your winnings/looses.

* Your nickname can contain letters, numbersandthesesymbols:{}[]<>/\|-_()

2. Chat

When you connect to the chess server, you'll see a list of players and yourself among them. You will rating near the each player (if there are dashes instead of the numbers - that player has connected as guest):

dlgchat.gif (15213 bytes)

You can send a message to all players in the chat by typing it the field at the bottom of the screen and pressing [enter]. If you want to chat with one player, mark his nickname with the mouse and press the "Private chat" button. A new window will open, and your messages will be seen only by person you have selected.

3. Settings

The length of the game, the color of your figures can be selected by pressing the "Settings" button  or from menu at the top ofchatapplet-Game->Settings:

dlgtimer.gif (5218 bytes)

"Time" - length of the game, in minutes. "Increment" - time in seconds which to the time when the move is done. You can also play without time limit. Just select "No time limit". "Play white" - you're starting with white figures. "Rated game" - the game will affect the ratings of both players (guests can't select this item).

4. Start of the game

If you want to offer a game to the offer player, you have mark his nickname with the left click of the mouse and press [Challenge] button. (or just click twice on his nickname with the mouse). All players you have challenged will be shown in the [Challenged] window.

tabchallenged.gif    (2446 bytes)

You can challenge five players. They will see your offer in the window "Offers". When one of then accepts your offer (by clicking twice on your nickname) the new game window will open and you will be able to play. All other offers will be canceled *.

* If you want to play with five players at once, you'll have to mark "simultaneous mode".

You can tell other players that you want to play ant seek for an opponent by pressing [Seek] button.

dlgseek.gif (6681 bytes)

Select ratings, time limit and other settings and press [OK].

Your offer will be seen by all players in the "Sought" window.

To start the game, click twice on the player you have selected.

If you want to cancel your offer, press twice the "Unseek" button

5. Observing games

You can see all current games in the "Games" table. When you click twice on the game you want to watch, a window will appear.

6. Tournaments

These interesting events are organized every week. Every registered member of „“ can take part in the tournaments. All information about next or current tournaments can be viewed in the "Events" table.

This table shows who has created the tournament, when it will start and other info needed. We can see interval of ratings. Also we can see time length of the tournament and how many seconds pluses after each move and the name of the tournament. If you want to take part in the tournament or take a look on players who will play, double click on it.

You will see nicknames of players taking part in the tournament, their score and other useful information. If the tournament haven't started yet, you can join it by pressing the button "Join " (make sure that time settings of the tournament is good for you). Button "Part" allows you to cancel registration in the tournament before in hasn't startedOnce you have registered, you must play tournament till the end .

When you have registered, you'll have to wait tournament to start. Our chess server will decide the pairs of the players. When the tournament starts, the chess board will appear automatically .

7. Problems

While playing in our portal of virtual chess, you can notice that the clock of the game sometimes turns back. Why? Data on the internet (in this case your and your opponent's moves) transfers not in a blink of an eye. Bad connection can cause such things. When you're playing, you can see the connection quality. Two little spots on the left top of the screen shows it (the left one shows your connection quality, the right one - your opponent's). Green light shows good, yellow - average, red - bad connection quality.


We are waiting for your comments and suggestions. Good luck in the game!


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